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George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Directed by Martin Scorsese and with a running time of over three hours it really promises to offer an in depth rendition of Harrison's story from his early life in Liverpool, through the phenomenal success of Beatlemania and beyond including that early act of rock generosity long before the days of Band Aid et al, the Concert For Bangladesh.

Like Scorsese's 2005 portrait of Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, .Your text goes here ... Material World comes with a wealth of unseen material that includes home movies and letters, and is similarly split into two parts: basically, the 1960s and everything else. It is a massive achievement to make The Beatles' story fresh, but Scorsese evidently does so, partly by taking George's undervalued side, but mostly via an assemblage that hurtles us with visceral force from Hamburg ("the naughtiest city in the world," recalls George) through the craziness of Beatlemania.

Throughout 2008 and 2009, Scorsese alternated working between his film Shutter Island and the documentary.

Then the documentary premiered at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool on 2 October 2011.

It was shown on HBO in two parts on 5 and 6 October 2011 in the US and Canada.

One of the moments highlighted: George evidently hearing a voice in his head saying, "The Yogis of the Himalayas" during his first acid induced head-trip and then shortly afterwards meeting Ravi Shankar, who had a profound influence over him (despite the fact he was not a yogi or from Nepal or Bhutan in the Himalayas): Of Shankar, Harrison said, "He was the first person who impressed me."

Scorsese's documentary consists of previously unseen footage and interviews with wife Olivia and daughter Dhani Harrison, Pattie Boyd, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr who provides a blunt assessment of Harrison when he says, "He was a bag of beads and a bag of anger."

George's well known travels to India brought about many cherished influences of Indian culture and spirituality to his music and consequently featured greatly in the expansion of The Beatles' sound at a critical time in their development. In fact his love affair with India never really ended as it continued on with the Maharishi and the Krishna movement, although Harrison credits Shankar with helping him reconnect to his public.

Also interviewed are Yoko Ono, George Martin, Klaus Voormann and funny man Eric Idle, who explains how in his willingness to bankroll Monty Python's The Life Of Brian by mortgaging his beloved gothic pile in Surrey. "It's still the most anyone has ever paid for a cinema ticket."

Mukunda Goswami, Eric Clapton, Astrid Kirchherr, Tom Petty and the notorious Phil Spector are other fascinating people who provide insight into Harrison's life and career.

Scorsese says he was attracted to the project because "That subject matter has never left me... The more you're in the material world, the more there is a tendency for a search for serenity and a need to not be distracted by physical elements that are around you. His music is very important to me, so I was interested in the journey that he took as an artist. The film is an exploration. We don't know. We're just feeling our way through."

It has been said the contradictions that ran through Harrison are well known: he was the multi-millionaire who preached detachment from materialism, the green gardener who loved sports cars, the spiritual seeker with a coke habit; Scorsese, a Catholic boy fascinated by gangsterdom, clearly recognises a fellow conflicted soul. It sounds like an entertaining and provocatively informative essay on one of the more fascinating musicians of the last century.

Send an email explaining why you'd like to sit through the documentary in twentyfive words or less to Culture Guide and you may just win a copy of the DVD thanks to our friends at Roadshow.

Original Creative Writing:  
Which are the Top Walks in NSW?
Do you have a favourite?

Ken Eastwood does... Actually, he has more than 60 favourites, and he's included them all in his new book Top Walks in New South Wales (and ACT).

An experienced travel writer, Ken personally road-tested every walk included in the book - and he even took the kids along on some of them!

It includes trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels, so there's guaranteed to be a track for everyone. And because NSW has some of the best walks in the country, Ken has tried to make sure you experience them to their fullest by including details about the man-made and natural treasures, plus the local flora and fauna, you'll find along the route.

Walking is:
Environmentally friendly

A great way to introduce the kids to local plants and animals

A good stress-buster when undertaken regularly

A low-impact exercise that can help you lose weight, improve fitness and boost your immunity levels

A cheap school holiday entertainment option!

What more do you need to know?

Ken Eastwood is an award-winning journalist, editor, photographer and author whose work has been widely published in Australia and overseas. He worked for Australian Geographic magazine for 11 years, mostly as associate editor. He has contributed to titles such as Gourmet Traveller, Qantas, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, RM Williams Outback, and have written and edited several books.

A bush walker for as long as he can remember, Ken has walked extensively throughout Australia and overseas in many countries from the Arctic to Antarctica.


August 15th 2014 02:16
Original Creative Writing:

Original Creative Writing:  
The Commonwealth Games Federation has rescued the dreams of a group of athletes from Kenya, Jamaica, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Australia, Ghana, and the Bahamas by approving their late entry to take part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow starting this Wednesday (July 23).

A well-advertised deadline for entries closed on June 11, but due to a number of oversights by their own administrators the athletes were not entered and faced missing their events

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The Bold and the Musical

June 19th 2014 04:47
Original Creative Writing:  

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June 19th 2014 04:35
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SALVADOR, BRAZIL - JUNE 13: Castrol brand during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group B match between Spain and Netherlands at Arena Fonte Nova on June 13, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil.

2014 FIFA World Cup

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100 greatest from DUBAI IFF

May 31st 2014 04:43
Original Creative Writing:

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La Croisette, Vodka and Rita Ora

May 18th 2014 02:33
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Belvedere Vodka Kicks Off
Cannes Film Festival with Rita Ora at Le Club by Albane

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May 4th 2014 04:48
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Chandler!, 71-73 Main Street, Randolph, VT 05060

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